Okvip – Asia’s No. 1 Trusted Online Game Provider Group 2024

Okvip known as one of the leading online entertainment brands in the Asian market. The entertainment site with a clear goal and vision has soon affirmed its position after many years of operation. Not only that, this group also achieved many significant achievements in its field of operation. Let’s learn more about this name through the article below.


Some basic information about the entertainment groupOkvip

Okvip known as one of the prestigious corporations providing games and marketing communication services in Asia. The unit officially appeared on the market in June 2006 with the predecessor being a companyTaipei101.

To well meet development goals as well as mark a new step forward for our operations. In May 2023, the unit and its branch in Cambodia held a merger ceremony and changed its name to Okvip group.

After many years of effort, the brand has quickly expanded its scale and successfully asserted its name in the hearts of customers and partners. Besides the headquarters located in Krong Bavet, Cambodia. The group’s branch system has also expanded to many other countries in the region. Typical examples include Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea,… In recent years Okvip has been continuously honored and received many positive reviews from the expert community.

Okvip is a large entertainment media corporation in Asia

Vision, mission and core values ​​Okvip aims for

Over 17 years of developmentOkvip always operates based on core values ​​and specific vision and mission. Thanks to that, the unit continuously reaps achievements as well as receives special love from partners and customers.

Core values ​​are targeted by the corporation

Customers are the driving force for the unit to survive and develop. All implemented and ongoing business goals and strategies must be associated with this object. In other words, customer partner satisfaction is the only core factor.

Throughout the operation process, the unit always takes time to listen to feedback and reviews from customers. From there, we absorb and modify more to bring the most complete products and solutions to users.

Core values ​​that the brand aims for


The Group will become the leading provider of entertainment games and marketing communication services in Asia. In the coming years, the device will definitely be the number 1 choice of partners and customers in the region.


Over the years the group has established a streaming entertainment ecosystempine Extremely diverse and high quality. Not only does it bring users great memorable experiences. It is also a reputable and trustworthy partner of many businesses in their journey of development and affirming their position and stature.

As an organization working for the common benefit and development of the community. The unit is also doing a great job in its mission of sharing and inspiring many good actions. Many outstanding charity projects and activities have been implemented and have made a big splash in practice.Okvip Hope to be able to contribute a small part of my effort and value to Vietnamese society and country.

Read More: https://okvipgroup.online/tin-tuc/

List of Okvip’s strong products

Known as a reputable provider of online game products in the region.Okvip is currently both a publisher and a development partner of many major entertainment brands. Below, let’s take a look at typical products that are considered strengths of the group:

  • OK Game: This is a mainstream product line with a variety of genres such as card games, lucky spins, soccer predictions… Currently, a large number of customers appreciate its safety and interesting experience. , new.
  • OK Live: This is an interactive channel set up by the group specifically for participating players. In the Live and Game categories here will also be integrated with many other modern features. For example, chat channels, community support, etc.
  • OK Partner: Is the system of services and support solutions that the group provides and deploys to partners. With the purpose of effectively saving time and investment costs to optimize revenue. These solutions can focus on quality management, finance – engineering, marketing…
  • Okvip Media: Services specializing in communications & Marketing are provided to partners. For example, advertising, SEO, SMM, PR, Email Marketing, Content… Aim to build brand expansion and increase customer conversion rate.

Strong products of the unit


All main introductory content about the corporationOkvip Here I would like to end. Hopefully readers can clearly see the outstanding advantages as well as the reputation and quality of the unit during its operations. Remember to follow us to update the latest business news.